Anna Pravdova – Toyen: The Dreaming Rebel

Published April 20, 2023

The National Gallery in Prague publishes a book about the world-famous avant-garde artist of the first half of the 20th century.

Toyen, whose real name is Marie Čermínová, is a Prague native who has lived most of her life in France. As one of the representatives of surrealism, she made her mark in art history, was a member of several art groups and was an integral part of the art world of the time.

The book is structured chronologically in five sections, each named after the crucial work of the given period: Coral Islands, Magnet Woman, Hide Yourself, War!, All the Elements, and The New World of Love. Each section begins with a detailed biography that illustrates to what extent Toyen’s multifarious work is interconnected with her life stages. In addition to chronological contextual studies, the texts deal with crucial themes of her creation such as, for example, eroticism, politics, spectacle, alchemy, analogy, and books.

You can find this book in most bookstores.