Award for a Slovak-Czech Movie about the Roma Resistance

Published May 15, 2021

Movie about the Roma resistance against the Nazis “How I Became a Partisan” (Jak jsem se stala partyzánkou), won an award at the German goEast festival. The creators won the Prize for Cultural Diversity which is awarded in the main competition. 

The documentary by Vera Lacková was created in a Slovak-Czech co-production. The movie reveals the turbulent fates of four Romani guerrillas. The search led her to hitherto undisclosed facts and tells the stories of people who, despite their different ethnic backgrounds, managed to unite in the fight against evil.

The spectator is introduced to the Roma whose actions are part of European history. Vera Lacková interviewed descendants, witnesses and searched through the archives, and had to overcome ingrained prejudices, indifference, and hatred towards the Roma community.

The movie should appear on Czech screens at the beginning of next year.