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Be Part of the Berlin Delegation to the Malá inventura Festival in Prague

Published February 12, 2020

As part of the PRALIN exchange project, members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community have the opportunity to attend the Malá inventura festival in Prague from February 21 – 24, 2020, enter into exchanges with the producers and participating artists.

What is included in the program?

The travel expenses Berlin – Prague – Berlin, accommodations from February 21 to 24, 2020 as well as tickets for the events will be paid for by the organizers. Alongside the schedule of programming of artistic events, there will also be networking as well as additional professional development events. If productions presented during the festival are invited to Berlin by members of the delegation, Nová Sít‘ is able to provide financial support for some of the invited productions to offer guest performances in Berlin.

Who can apply?

This call for applications is intended for all members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. We look forward to applications from directors of festivals and performance venues, curators, critics, dramaturgs, production managers as well as artists.

We ask you to please provide a brief summary of information about your field of work including contact information and any internet links as well as a short statement regarding your interests and/or potential options for contacts within Prague’s independent performing arts community.

About the project PRALIN

The main idea of the project is to actively support and mediate communication between the two independent performing arts communities of Berlin and Prague and to enable mutual ways of presenting the work by artists from Prague in Berlin and by artists from Berlin in Prague.

The two communities have a lot in common: Not only in terms of artistic aesthetics but also in ways of working conditions and discourses. They both are big cities with a progressive theatre scene, very close to each other. In many points they mirror themselves and in many aspects, they are unique and have their own particular problems while being ready to learn from each other.

Therefore the project partners will connect venues and institutions whose program includes presentations or other activities (residences, workshops, seminars) in the field of contemporary independent performing arts. The different steps of this project want to enable artists and professionals as well as the public and audience of the respectively other city to be aware of the common ground in order to establish closer links between the two urban independent performing arts communities. Also, the project will provide artists with contacts to relevant organizations or individuals in order to increase the possibility of new cooperation between Prague and Berlin.

Malá inventura is a festival in Prague (the18th edition in 2020) which presents productions made in the independent performing arts communities of Prague and the Czech Republic in the previous year in a bundled format. The festival is presented by Nová sít’ – an open cultural organisation which seeks to connect the regions of the Czech Republic with Prague and abroad.

Project organizers: Nová síť (Prague) and Performing Art Program (Berlin)
Partners: Arts and Theatre Institute (Prague), Czech Centre (Berlin) and Cross Attic (Prague)