Czech artists at Centre Pompidou

Published December 7, 2022

Centre Pompidou and the National Gallery Prague have joined forces to create a special edition of the Move festival to showcase the Czech art scene on the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the European Union.

Artists and curators presented their works at the Move festival in Paris. The Paris edition of the festival presented an exhibition project called Culture Club – Collective Bodies.

Festival examined the question of collective bodies: Marie Tučková dealt with the themes of eco-feminism and new representations of the female body. The Jindřich Chalupecký Prize winner Lukáš Hofmann presented a series of performances collectively titled Incarnate, curated by Caroline Ferreira and Michal Novotný. The Czech-German duo Julie Gryboś & Barbora Zentková continued their multi-dimensional relationship with installation, sound and performance focusing on the topic of chronic fatigue and the collapse that arises from it-oscillating between escapistic relaxation and existential anxiety. Next, the installation Half-trained Arguments by the duo Daniela & Linda Dostalek was presented, discussing themes of human behaviour and functioning in society and last but not least, the work of Anna Daučíková, thematizing the body and corporeality.

You can find more information about its Prague version at the National Gallery, also held in 2022 , here.

More information about the event can be found on the websites of Centre Pompidou or the National Gallery Prague.