Czech Centre abroad for Ukraine: We help

Published March 31, 2022

Czech Centres (CC) immediately responded to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine with a statement of support and concrete, targeted assistance to our colleagues at the Czech Centre Kiev and to our Ukrainian partners.

Czech Centres abroad have prepared a number of cultural programmes consisting of fundraising auctions or separate events. There are readings, concerts, discussions and film screenings. Through the network of Czech Centres, the appeal for help spreads further into the world on all continents. In cooperation with the J&T Foundation, they offer free intensive online Czech language courses aimed at mothers and women in order to integrate them into Czech society.

Czech Centres help

Under the leadership of Ondřej Černý, Director General, and Radka Rubilina, Director of the Czech Centre Kiev, the Czech Centres’ assistance to people affected by the war in Ukraine was launched immediately on the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The first one translates into comprehensive assistance to all employees of the Czech Centre Kiev and Ukrainian artists coming to the Czech Republic. Assistance has been provided in terms of administration, accommodation and financial support for the initial period of their working stay in the Czech Republic. The planned budget of the Czech Centre Kiev is fully used to cover the costs of the scholarship and residency programme aimed at financial and professional support of Ukrainian artists. The second level reflects the area of language integration and Czech language teaching for Ukrainians. Pilot courses for the general public started on 21 March 2022.

“The Czech Centers immediately launched rapid mechanisms for comprehensive assistance to all colleagues
and staff of the Czech Centre Kiev. There was an expansion of the programme activities of the Czech Centres’ foreign network. The Prague headquarters of the Czech Centre launched a residency programme for Ukrainian artists
and, thanks to the J&T Foundation, integration courses in Czech,” said Ondřej Černý, Director General of the Czech Centres.

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