Czech creator Radim Zeifart has created a new trailer for the cult game World of Warcraft

Published October 17, 2022

World of Warcraft’s most famous expansion, World of Warcraft Classic, releases a new official 3D trailer called Journey Trailer.

Radim Zeifart was approached by Blizzard to collaborate on the trailer after the success of a series of previous unofficial videos, which had more views than the official one. For example, the 2017 Naxxramas Trailer has over 4 million views to date, and the 2020 Black Temple Trailer has nearly 3 million.

Radim Zeifart, known as Hurricane, is one of the team members of the Prague-based creative production company NICE! Together they worked on the video from the script and initial visuals to building it in Cinema 4D 3D editor, tweaking the textures and making the overall graphics originally from 2004 reach the current standards of 3D visualizations. “Once we had the footage assembled and animated, we were able to start rendering in Octane Render on 6 RTX 3080 graphics cards. At the same time, we added visual effects and finished the trailer.” says Radim Zeifart about the creation of the video.

You can watch a video of the making of the new 3D trailer here or see the final result here.