Czech glass creation in Hollywood

Published January 7, 2023

The sequel to Knives Out, Glass Onion, alongside the stars of Holywood features glass objects from the North Bohemian glass workshop Pačinek Glass.

Produced by Netflix, the film constructs a mystery comedy in which detective Benoit Blanc solves a murder mystery among a collective of opportunistic friends led by billionaire Miles Bron. Glass sculptures depicting a woman’s torso, flowers, a dog’s head and many other diverse subjects complete the atmosphere of the glass dome in which the action takes place.

The sculptures were created under the supervision of the film’s art designer, John Dexter. In the end, 60 glass objects were produced and cast for the film from the original 20 pieces agreed upon.

The success of Pačinek Glass is thus attributed to the many other successes of Czech glassmakers based on long tradition, knowledge of technology and artistic creation.

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