Inspirational film and digital arts projects supported by the European Union.

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Amerikánka/American Chick

Ema grew up in the 1980s in the circus family of Czech emigrants in America. At thirteen, however, her mother suffering from bipolar disorder decides to kidnap her back to Czechoslovakia, where she places her in a Communist pimp. There, girls with similar fate become her new family. In the desire fo ...
Axman Production (CZ)


Starting with 2014, The International Film Festival of Animated Films Anifilm organised by OSPAF is the only festival of its kind in the Czech Republic. OSPAF is taking on all activities connected to organising such festival in this field (a similar Czech festival AniFest was discontinued in 2013). ...
Občanské sdružení pro podporu animovaného filmu (CZ)

CinEd, European Cinema Education for Youth – Step 2

CinEd is a European holistic initiative to 1) expand and model cinema education in partner countries and Europe-wide, while adapting to different contexts 2) target most young people aged 6 to 19+ in all Europe, in schools and out-of-schools, and enable them develop a sustainable taste for European ...
Institut français EPIC (FR)

CON-FRONT: Contemporary Cultural Commemoration of the Great War

The First World War was the first military conflict in human history on a global scale.  Its outcome defined the landscape, economy, identity and demographics of continental Europe. The historical frontline went from the North Sea, over the Balkans to the Gallipoli archipelago and connects Europeans ...
La Passerelle – Le Grand Mix (FR)

Contain[era] – The European Mobility and Materialized Information Transfer in the Post-internet Era

Site-specific and non-specific, the conflict between information reality and virtuality, global versus national culture, and central Europe as an equal part of the European Union - these are the themes of an international exhibition project Contain[era] that took place in the second half of 2015 in ...
Art Movement (CZ)

COURAGE (Cultural Opposition – Understanding the CultuRal HeritAGE of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries)

COURAGE (“Cultural Opposition – Understanding the CultuRal HeritAGE of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries”) is a three-year international research project funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme fo ...
Institute of History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU)

Czech-German Cultural Center Kvilda

House of Arts in the center of Šumava, workshops, symposiums, residential stays, fine arts, theater, music
Centrum umění Kvilda (CZ)