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GASK gallery opens new exhibitions

Published June 16, 2022

The Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region is opening four new exhibitions in June

Painter Kamila B. Richter will present her exhibition Ultima Culpa, which is based on the transfer of data from digital media to oil painting. In the space of Café Fatal painter Otto Placht will open his exhibition MEZIZEM, whose works will transport us to the Peruvian jungle and the artist’s inner world. Ondřej Vicena and his studio Optiqa will present PINK GLASSES in the Whitebox space – a model of rose-coloured glasses, the glasses of “enchantment”. The exhibition Phoenix by multimedia artist Svatopluk Klimes presents the artist’s work defined by fire and ash. Part of the exhibition will be eponymous performance Phoenix.

The opening of the exhibition and performance will take place on 18 June at 3 pm.

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