Helena Huber-Doudová: Modern Woman – Architect

Published February 14, 2022

Female personalities of Bauhaus and Modernism in a publication published by UMPRUM.

The starting point of the publication is the emancipatory potential of female protagonists of modernism and Bauhaus, their roles and achievements in the last hundred years, using examples from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Estonia. Fundamental is the tension between two poles – projection, i.e. the imaginative image of the modern woman as embodied, for example, by the Neue Frau at the Bauhaus or her representation in film and magazines on the one hand, and the real experience of women architects on the other, determined by legal norms, access to education, but also their position in society. This collective monograph not only seeks to make new revelations about lesser-known female architectural protagonists and their buildings, but also asks new questions about the formation of the feminist canon, and the contribution of media, gender and visual studies.