Inspirational heritage projects supported by the European Union.

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A Place at the Royal Table

The cooperation project A Place at the Royal Table born of a need to share the European Heritage with citizens. This Heritage is not only a built Heritage, but it is also an immaterial Heritage composed of Histories, places, people, traditions, sounds, tastes which contributed to create the Europe w ...
Association des Résidences Royales Européennes (FR)

AC/DC Augmented City – The Space for Digital Common Creative Citizenship

AC/DC project is designed to bring new ways of collaboration for European artists and creators, to bring new ways of realization, communication and distribution of publicly relevant art pieces and to involve the public into the process of recreation of the urban environment in EU by the means of dig ...
Takomat (DE)

All Strings Attached: Pioneers of the European Puppetry Behind the Scenes

This project is conceived as a series of workshops, exhibitions and performances traveling from the Alps to the Mediterranean and promoting European Puppetry heritage, diversity and tradition, using an integrated approach and presenting puppetry as a “total work of art”. It is inspired by the Puppet ...
Comune di Cividale del Friuli (IT)

Areas of Inspiration

Starting with 2014, The International Film Festival of Animated Films Anifilm organised by OSPAF is the only festival of its kind in the Czech Republic. OSPAF is taking on all activities connected to organising such festival in this field (a similar Czech festival AniFest was discontinued in 2013). ...
Združenie pre ochranu prírody Machaon International (SK)


The Artecitya. Envisioning the City of Tomorrow (2014-2018) gathered nine organisations from eight European cities. The main objective of the network was to highlight and support the position of artists and creative professionals, architects, curators and cultural NGOs. The project takes as starting ...
Apollonia (FR)

CDCM – The Collective Domain of Cultural Memory

CDCM aims to develop methodologies and new concepts for the perception and the interpretation of cultural heritage as a space of representation. The focus of the project is re-framing the cultural heritage in Macedonia, Croatia and in The Netherlands. These geographical spots in Europe can become th ...
Stichting Suns and Stars (NL)

Ceramics and its Dimensions

The EU project "Ceramics and its Dimensions", which was lead by Porzellanikon, came to an end after four years. The interdisciplinary project has provided lasting impulses - with a view to the history of ceramics as well as their design and production. Two scientific sessions were held within the fr ...
Porzellanikon ‒ staatliches Museum für Porzellan Hohenberg a. d. Eger (DE)


CERTESS project aims at setting up a common methodological framework on how to develop, manage and enhance European Cultural Routes (ECRs), by utilising reference development and governance instruments targeted to foster sustainable cultural tourism. Project activities consist of: A) Transfer of exp ...
European Institute of Cultural Routes (LU)