Kahánek and Hrůša won The BBC Music Magazine Award

Published May 12, 2020

Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek and conductor Jakub Hrůša experienced international extraordinary success winning The BBC Music Magazine Award.

Their joint album of piano concerts by Antonín Dvořák and Bohuslav Martinů, which they recorded with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, was declared the best concert recording of 2019.

The album called Dvořák & Martinů: Piano Concerts was created in two phases – a studio recording of Dvořák’s Piano Concerto was recorded in October 2017, a live recording of Piano Concerto No. 4 by Martinů called Incantation came last January.

The result is a recording with careful dramaturgy, precision combined with a deep understanding of the work of both authors, the technical quality of the recording and, finally, systematic promotion.

The BBC Music Magazine Award is considered to be one of a few very prestigious awards in the world of classical music and associated journalism. It is one of the most significant awards that a classical music recording can win. The BBC’s awards are not only respected by a globally influential and respected medium, but also by a combination of critical choice with voting by the general public.