Kateřina Kněžíková was nominated for the BBC Music Magazine Award in the category “Vocal”

Published February 14, 2022

The album Phidylé by Kateřina Kněžíková was selected among the three albums nominated for the BBC Music Magazine Award in the “Vocal” category.

“Being nominated for such an amazing award took my breath away and just to be in such company is a huge honour. I was thrilled that the record was a success not only with the listeners but also with the critics. It’s not often that I get to experience something so beautiful on the first try. You search for years for what style and what you want to present yourself with and we got it right the first time. It was a hit. Conductor Robert Jindra guessed what repertoire I should present and I found myself in it completely. I’ve always gravitated towards the songs. We recorded something that was dramaturgically amazingly gripping,” says Kněžíková.

Kateřina Kněžíková stood out in a great competition.

“A lot of these CDs were made just because we couldn’t stand on concert stages and had time to record more. I would never have thought that I would make such a dent in the world with my first CD. I’m already excited. I am nominated among artists who are working all over the world and recording one CD after another, It’s a dream come true for me,” adds our busiest singer.