3. 11. — 18. 11.

Mezipatra: Breaking the ice

Published October 25, 2022

The 23rd edition of the Queer Film Festival Mezipatra works with the theme of transcending comfort zones, overcoming oneself and the prejudgments of society.

Each year the film festival presents around a hundred Czech and foreign films with LGBTQ+ themes and their creators. The programme includes accompanying discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and parties. This year expected films include the Israeli social drama Concerned Citizen, which will be part of the festival’s opening ceremony, the French Cannes surreal hit Les Cinq diables, and block of short films, Ukraine Is Queer. All films will be screened in the selected categories of International Film Competition, International Short Film Competition, Documentary Section, Retrospective, Queer Cinema Presents and Queer Mixer.

Whether it’s new encounters or experience, daring to cross the line between the familiar and the unfamiliar is always a test of our character – but it’s also our own choice. Breaking the ice means facing our uncertainties head on. Taking one more step, even though every part of our body is screaming to run away.”

The festival will take place November 3-10 in Prague and November 11-18 in Brno.

Find out more information about the festival here.