Milan Pospíšil: Die Schweizerfamilie in Prag. Die Oper und ihr Libretto

Published May 12, 2023

Bilingual Czech-German book by Milan Pospíšil Swiss family in Prague. Opera and its libretto libretto.

The bilingual book, as the second volume of the Nota bene edition series, explores Joseph Weigl’s opera Die Schweizerfamilie (1809), which played an extraordinary role in the history of Czech theater. In 1823, it became the first opera performed in the Czech language at the Stavovský Theatre in Prague, highlighting the opera’s modest demands for solo vocal roles, demonstrating that the Czech language is a suitable instrument for opera singing.

Authored and edited by Milan Pospíšil, the publication focuses on Ignaz Franz Castelli’s libretto and its French sources of inspiration, German and Czech performances, interpreters, press reception, and correspondence with the Czech patriotic society, including the translation of Simeon Karl Macháček’s Rodina švejcarská and featuring a parallel edition of both Czech and German librettos.

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