Ministry of Culture considers supporting Czech video game industry

Published September 16, 2021

Mafia, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, or Machinarium – those are some of the internationally most successful Czech video games. The industry has been identified as a high growth sector by the Czech government and could receive state funding in the future similar to that which is granted to film makers.

The puzzle point-and-click adventure game Machinarium from Amanita Design has sold over 4 million copies since it came out 12 years ago and remains one of the most successful video games created in the Czech Republic. However, its three-year-long development was plagued by a lack of financial resources, the game’s designer, Jakub Dvorský, told Czech Radio.

“When the money ran out completely, we would have to stop making the game and focus on some different contract altogether for several months. That led to the development of the game taking longer. It would have certainly been easier for us had we received some sort of support from the beginning.”

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