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MOUVO 2022 Conference

Published April 4, 2022

Mouvo is a two-day event that hosts the world’s best creators and thinkers from the field intersection of graphic design, animation, video and new technology. The seventh edition of Mouvo will reveal how to approach and work around experience.

Mouvo conference is an annual and world-class event where digital design, audiovisual culture, visual communication, technology and art intersect.
Boost your creativity over two days with gripping talks and strengthen your knowledge with two days of premium workshops. This year’s theme encompasses experience. The goal is to show how our perception and experience of audiovisual content is changing.
Together, with exquisite speakers, we explore the impact of new technological methods, communication approaches and media options. Be it a small interaction on your personal device or exposure to a massive public installation, the lecturers will share different viewpoints of experience: you as a user, spectator and your experience with brands.
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