16. 5. — 22. 5.

Open buildings and spaces of the 8th Open House Prague festival

Published April 4, 2022

The festival of urban architecture, the Open House Prague festival, will take place this year from 16 to 22 May 2022. The eighth year of the festival will open 101 buildings and spaces throughout the capital free of charge to the public this weekend.

The eighth edition of the festival will open 101 buildings and spaces throughout the capital city to the public for free over the weekend. During the festival week from 16 May there will be an accompanying programme of lectures, discussions and special guided walks. A list of all the buildings can already be found at www.openhousepraha.cz/festival-2022/.

“We open our doors not only to modern buildings with various types of quality awards and environmentally friendly technologies, industrial buildings, but also to unique buildings unique in the world, iconic buildings that represent the historical and cultural wealth of Prague. We reveal unknown and hidden cultural realisations of outstanding architects, artists and craftsmen, as well as forgotten stories of builders, owners or their descendants,” says Andrea Šenkyříková, the festival director.

Open House Prague is intended for the general public and the organisers are also preparing tours for people with disabilities, families with children or foreigners living in Prague for a long time. “The festival is primarily a community project and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it. We also welcome enthusiastic volunteers who want to help us open up the city for everyone. Without them, the event could not take place on such a large scale,” adds Andrea Šenkyříková.

You can find more information here.