Oppression, despotism and totalitarianism in culture and cultural history

Published October 3, 2022

The Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences is publishing an extensive collective monograph by cultural experts on the manifestations of unfreedom, despotism and totalitarianism in the sphere of culture and cultural history.

In 24 chapters, the book discusses culture and cultural history as a milieu that stands alongside, but is closely related to, political, economic and social history. The individual chapters focus on science, technology and art in addition to culture itself, but do not leave aside the political, ideological and philosophical contexts. They focus on the twentieth century but draw attention to the roots of unfreedom in earlier times and in different geopolitical settings. In doing so, they highlight the ability of individuals – eminent figures in culture, science and technology – to prevent manifestations of unfreedom in their infancy.

You can find out more information or buy the book here.