1. 12. — 4. 12.


Published November 24, 2022

From 1.12. to 4.12. will take place the PAF Festival – 21st showcase of film animation and contemporary art in Olomouc.

PAF is a curatorial platform dedicated to a wide range of activities combining interest in visual art, moving image, virtual space and music. It presents its work every year at PAF Olomouc and also at PAF Prague, PAF New York, PAF Ostopovice, at independent events such as screenings, exhibitions and concerts, or in its publications of the PAF Edition.

Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art this year brings together 7 solo exhibitions and among the performers will be composer and performer Billy Bultheel, artist Rana Hamadeh, Japanese writer, curator and media activist Keiko Sei, and many others from the international and Czech art scene will be presented.

The programme and more information about the PAF project can be found here.