Pavla Petrová: I believe that our culture can survive

Published April 8, 2020

Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek charged the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) with mapping the impact of the emergency measures connected with COVID-19 on the fields of theatre, music, fine art, literature, etc. What ATI’s director Pavla Petrová said about the details of this research?

How did it come about?

It happened spontaneously, after a meeting between the Minister and directors of the Ministry’s contributory organisations where forecast losses were first discussed. I noted that the greatest losses were going to be in the nonprofit sector, which isn’t connected to any public funding. I offered that we could map the situation. The Minister agreed and charged us with the task.

When did you start?

Right away! We created a questionnaire and from Thursday 12 to Monday 16 March, we conducted research. We were finishing as quarantine began.

How did you distribute the questionnaire?

First to the addresses in our databases, then further through the newly established office for music export SoundCzech and through the contacts of professional organisations (The Association of Professional Theatres, The Association of Independent Theatres, FESTAS).


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