Inspirational performing arts projects supported by the European Union.

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AC/DC Augmented City – The Space for Digital Common Creative Citizenship

AC/DC project is designed to bring new ways of collaboration for European artists and creators, to bring new ways of realization, communication and distribution of publicly relevant art pieces and to involve the public into the process of recreation of the urban environment in EU by the means of dig ...
Takomat (DE)

Advancing Light-driven Public Interactions (ALIPI)

The ALIPI project has advanced light-driven public interactions of audiences with high-quality artworks through an integrated set of activities, including innovative artistic content creation, residencies for artists, expert and public workshops and conferences as well as showcases at major European ...
Young Talents (CZ)


In just three years, Aerowaves has evolved from a Network to a Platform - Spring Forward. This development has been a strategic response to the desire of emerging dance artists to reach new audiences through increased performance. Each year in April, members of the Platform gather in a different Eur ...
Aerowaves (UK)

All Strings Attached: Pioneers of the European Puppetry Behind the Scenes

This project is conceived as a series of workshops, exhibitions and performances traveling from the Alps to the Mediterranean and promoting European Puppetry heritage, diversity and tradition, using an integrated approach and presenting puppetry as a “total work of art”. It is inspired by the Puppet ...
Comune di Cividale del Friuli (IT)

Be SpectACTive!

BeSpectACTive! is an action-research and production-based project focused on the contemporary performing arts. It aims to develop new models of co-creation involving artists, audiences and cultural organizations on an equal footing. The project will facilitate the development of sustainable creative ...
Comune di Sansepolcro (IT)

Caravan Next – Feed the Future: Art Moving Cities

Caravan Next was a large-scale cooperation project with 13 partners from 11 different European countries and a partnership builds upon the diversity of competences. Caravan Next was a continuation of another large-scale cooperation project named Caravan - Artists on the road. Common for the two proj ...
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)

CASA – Circus Arts and Street Arts Circuit

CASA was a European support programme designed by five arts organisations: Miramiro (BE), CirkusInfo Finland, Cirqueon (CZ), FiraTarrèga (ES) and Subtopia (SE). Together they joined forces to equip professionals from the contemporary circus and outdoor creation sectors to work and cooperate transnat ...
Miramiro (BE)

EU BAC – Between Arts and Creativity

EU BAC – UNDERCREATIVE NETWORK achieved over the 24 months of the project the setting-up of a network connecting organizations from 3 partner countries IT,DE,RO and opened to the participation of other EU cultural and creative organizations. The idea was to create a network of small medium artistic ...
Onestage Performing Arts Project (IT)