Podcasts Neklid and Sádlo succeeded at the international festival Prix Bohemia Radio

Published October 17, 2022

Podcasts produced by Radio Wave won awards at the international radio festival in both the Drama and Podcast categories.

A total of 12 selected radio works took part in the four categories Drama, Podcast, Reportage and Documentary. Klára Vlasákova’s podcast Neklid (Restless) took first place in the Podcast section and also succeeded in the Drama category, where it came second. The podcast Sádlo (Fat), created by Ridina Ahmedova, placed second in the Podcast section. The episode DokuVlna, Co se hulí za školou (What’s smoked behind the school), by Bronislava Janečková and Robin Mayer, was also awarded third place in the Documentary section.

You can see the other award-winning works here.