Prague Chamber Ballet in Hungary and Turkey

Published April 7, 2023

Prague Chamber Ballet have been performing in Hungary and Turkey Clouds Intimate.

On the tour in Hungary and Turkey, they have been dancing latest composed programme Clouds Intimate. The performance consists of two parts prepared by a pair of choreographers. The first part, “Letters Confidential”, was created by world-renowned choreographer Petr Zuska and the second part, “Dark Clouds Don’t Cry”, by Jiří Pokorný. The performance is accompanied by the Zemlinsky Quartet.

The ballet company visited Hungarian events such as the Theatre Olympics 2023, the Vörösmarty Theatre in Szekesfehervár or the Eötvös 10 Cultural House in Budapest. Subsequently, the performance will be presented at 18 April at the Ankara International Music Festival and at the Mersin Mezitli Cultural Centre at 20 April.

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