AC/DC project is designed to bring new ways of collaboration for European artists and creators, to bring new ways of realization, communication and distribution of publicly relevant art pieces and to involve the public into the process of recreation of the urban environment in EU by the means of digital technologies such as 3D simulations, serious gaming and augmented reality. Partners will create alliance of operators and orgs to connect existing digital tools and start up self-organizing and self-developing socio-art system, sustaining and evolving the energy of on-line and conjoined artistic creation in European area – without any exclusion for contributors from non-EU countries. The alliance will produce various events dedicated to promotion of digitally based improvements of public space, and to reflection of digital shift within art and civic life. The alliance will catalyze co-operation among civic operators rooted in different fields – ecological NGOs, civic policy makers, social care orgs, art collectives etc. in order to accumulate and transform creative energy. Innovative deliverable – Transformer Tool Kit – will enable users to create digital artworks or simple applications (navigation, corss-media storytelling), to track them to specific spots and store them on-line. Such creations will be available for visualizing on targeted real urban areas by using the average mobile gadgets. On-line base ensures both democratic wide accessibility and corss-border impact, while it will deliver visible but safe effects on urban environments showing inspiring model of audience involvement in new form of site specific digital creations. Last but not least AC/DC will mediate and support intensive exchange of reflections of the sociological, ethnical, political and esthetical terms of creation within the frames European urban and mundane structures. Such a reflection must be reinforced into enhanced usage of the possibilities given by the technological development.