Europe’s towns and cities today face major challenges: demographic change and its implications for urban sprawl, environmental issues and climate change mitigation, maintaining social cohesion and the protection and development of architectural and cultural heritage. The way to respond to these challenges is by means of sustainable urban development. Council conclusions on architecture; culture’s contribution to sustainable development highlight that architecture can play an integrating and innovative role in implementing sustainable urban development. On the other hand in the last years the concept of “Smart cities” as well as the application of smart urban technologies have emerged as an outstanding contribution to the sustainable development of European cities. It is this important challenge in the conjunction of architecture, urban planning and smart urban technologies, which compels us to develop Active Public Space project, with the following objectives: – Increasing architecture’s integrating and innovative role in implementing sustainable urban development. – Fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the application of smart urban technologies for the transformation Public Spaces into Active ones. – Contributing to bridging the existing skills gaps on smart urban technologies amongst architects and urban-planners. – Enhancing citizen participation in European urban sustainable development processes. – Increasing visibility for European architecture and urban spaces, raising public awareness of the role of architecture and urban planning in sustainable urban development. To fulfil these objectives Active Public Spaces will engage in the following main activities: – Collection of European best practices on Active Public Space – Online publication How to apply smart urban technologies guide – Workshops and installations programme in Barcelona, Prague and Vienna – Co-production of touring exhibition – Final major symposium.