The Artecitya. Envisioning the City of Tomorrow (2014-2018) gathered nine organisations from eight European cities. The main objective of the network was to highlight and support the position of artists and creative professionals, architects, curators and cultural NGOs. The project takes as starting point revitalisation, collaboration and community empowerment through art and culture on a city scale. It argues that municipalities and governments should not overlook the presence, knowledge and expertise of artists and NGOs when thinking about improving our cities. Rather than instrumentalising them to raise property value, only to displace or evict them later, we propose that city authorities include them in planning and collaborate with them. It also suggests that artists and NGOs should work on understanding the local context first and work more closely with the community. Unlike developers that commonly overlook the locality and tend not to involve and support existing structures and activities in the areas they are revitalising, the NGOs are already present and generating many of these activities. In addition, there is a general tendency to only think about the economic factors when improving certain areas of cities, and it is becoming increasingly clear, that social factors should be seriously taken into consideration. If the needs of the local population are disregarded, we will be left with cities that are increasingly uninhabitable and useless for the actual local inhabitants.