BeSpectACTive! is an action-research and production-based project focused on the contemporary performing arts. It aims to develop new models of co-creation involving artists, audiences and cultural organizations on an equal footing. The project will facilitate the development of sustainable creative relationships between artists, audiences and organizations at both a local and transnational level through a range of on-line and off-line actions. The project will consist of:1. the coproduction of 12 new theatre performances presented across the partners’ venue and the creation of 9 web-based video-dance shows; 2. participatory workshops that will engage more than 1,000 European citizens in a process of arts programming. Citizens will select 108 performances that will be presented in 8 different European cities to a large audience; 3. the development of an online platform utilizing readily available technologies that will provide an online forum for organizations, communities and audiences with a tool to collectively explore and define curatorial strategies and discuss artistic content and ideas; 4. open rehearsals, international seminars, the production of a documentary (distributed to cultural European networks & TV), publications and other appropriate activities for promotion and dissemination of the project.