Caravan Next was a large-scale cooperation project with 13 partners from 11 different European countries and a partnership builds upon the diversity of competences. Caravan Next was a continuation of another large-scale cooperation project named Caravan – Artists on the road. Common for the two projects were the focus on Audience development and the engagement of local communities around in Europe based on a shared methodology Social Community Theatre (SCT). Caravan NEXT was born with the desire to take a step onwards (next) by investigating and fine-tuning the methodology of audience development by building the partnership of not only theatres but also other artistic expressions and sectors.The project wanted to Feed the future with an approach of engaging local communities and to give them a voice. The projects aim was as well to build up a network for the international exchange of artistic products and professionals skills and approaches, in a more sustainable way, by promoting all the best cases and as well a place to share experiences and develop new approaches. Caravan Next and the partnership wanted to create shared values through the promotion of a participatory and proactive cultural reflection on the theme of “being a European citizen”.