CinEd is a European holistic initiative to 1) expand and model cinema education in partner countries and Europe-wide, while adapting to different contexts 2) target most young people aged 6 to 19+ in all Europe, in schools and out-of-schools, and enable them develop a sustainable taste for European independant cinema while becoming active and sensitive viewers, develop their knowledge and critical eye. CinEd integrates and links key elements : 1) An innovative digital platform for public screenings (not a VOD platform), available up to 45 countries in Europe, enabling easy access to a European film collection with quality resources; 2) A comparative, participative and progressive pedagogy considering films at different scales, allowing easy links between them, from multiple entries; 3) Educator training sessions in partner countries, adapted to all teachers’ subjects and levels; 4) In situ screenings and associated educational activities with young people based on 2 or 3 European films.