Not only did this project meet the objectives of the Creative Europe Programme to full extent but it even more so exceeded its own expectations: set out with a vision to raise the visibility of the European archival landscape and support, fortify and further explore the mutual relationship between the archival world (archivists, experts) and the general public across the population stratum, the project`s activities not only widened the access to shared European cultural heritage but more importantly engaged and developed audiences to pro-actively delve into and engage with cultural heritage artefacts – digitally and beyond. The core purpose of given project is to facilitate the mutual relationship between archives and archivists and the general public across the population stratum. The project aims at offering a barrier-free and easily accessible doorway to the opportunities of the Digital Age in the archival sector and empowering the general public to actively make use of these possibilities and thereby take part in creating and exploring shared European history. Furthermore, it encourages sustainable growth of the digital archival landscape, advances the qualification of young professionals by providing material for teaching purposes, sponsores internships for students, various creative competitions for pupils, students and latterly the general public audience and therewith eventually advocates social solidarity.