The EuroNoize Song Contest [henceforth referred to as EuroNoize] project proposes to research the relationship between art and DiY music scenes in Europe across several platforms. First, a conference will explore histories connecting DiY music and the visual arts and investigate the challenges inherent in formalising the informal networks upon which this cultural activity is built. Second, this research will lead to a publication in which these themes will be expanded [book, suggested title EuroNoize: Place and Identity in DiY Music]. Third, a live event will be presented as an alternative Eurovision Song Contest, in which musicians will be invited to consider the interplay of local and global identities in representing their country with a specially commissioned song and video. The live event will be streamed online and broadcast at partner venues. Viewers will be able to vote digitally for the winning entry. Finally, the music produced for this live event will be released as a record and disseminated internationally together with the book and in addition an exhibition of work and research materials related to the project will be staged. It is our aim that this project will lay the ground for further collaborations not only between the partner organisations, but also beyond them between bands and art institutions across the continent.