Excavating contemporary archeology is a long-term educational project (2018-2020) that involves history and deals with how contemporary artists use archaeology in their way of working, thinking, producing and sharing experiences and knowledge. It will boost transnational artist mobility by inviting artists to the cities of the four partners – MUCEM (Marseille, France), Point (Nicosia, Cyprus), AIR Antwerpen (Antwerpen, Belgium) and Kunsthal Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark) – where they will work and be inspired by local cultural heritage. Their work product will be presented through exhibitions at three of the partners’ museums and exhibition spaces (MUCEM, POINT and Kunsthal Aarhus) and will specifically reach out to youths between 11 and15 years old through six short (32 pages) books, which will represent the artists’ different visions. These books will contain educational material developed through a School Programm, in which the partners hosting the exhibitions will work with local educators. The material will reflect educators’ demands when it comes to teaching contemporary art and cultural heritage by giving them a voice in the developmentel process. It will strnegthen the sense of a European belonging in all audiences and will specifically encourage 11-to-15-year-olds to see themselves as part of a greater European heritage.