The intangible cultural heritage of food in Europe is an enormous yet underestimated resource; gastronomy treasures the entire history of a territory and embodies how different cultures have merged over the centuries. It is largely used to promote tourism but hardly ever treated as a resource that can reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space and social integration. In the last 60 years thousands of species, breeds, and varieties selected by humans, but also processed foods – such as breads, cheeses and sweets – have disappeared. For this reason, during the European year of Cultural heritage 2018, this partnership will seek to carry out an action that will make EU citizens more aware that food heritage is a way to express their belonging to Europe, to communicate the cultural importance of gastronomy through the innovation and the interaction of cultural and creative sectors and to safeguard of and giving value to European food heritage. In order to successfully meet these objectives the action will carry out the following activities: 1) Multimedia artwork, 2) Engagement of citizens, 3) Engagement of EU institutions, national and local governments