In September 2018 Milo Rau, “the most influential theatre director of the continent” (German newspaper DIE ZEIT) created “Ghent Altarpiece – Lam Gods” at the City Theatre NTGent (Ghent, Belgium) in close collaboration with Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (NL) and Schauspiel Stuttgart (Germany). The masterpiece by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck was brought to life on stage, with a re-enactment of the spiritual, mythological and historic stories that accompany this 15th century painting, showing the naked Adam and Eve and about 60 characters of the biblical history. The painting was transferred into today’s society. The statement by Van Eyck, to ask real people for a portrait of biblical characters, was the basis on which we manifested intangible culture and create a new, contemporary narrative. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the painting led to a new, contemporary theatre art form. The city project resulted in a publication and an international education program. In the dissemination of results that goes beyond the work programme of this project call, a documentary film will be created (release in 2020). The artistic objective of the project was to create a common awareness on the Ghent Altarpiece, an icon of Western European tangible and movable culture heritage. The Ghent audience was an essential part in the realisation of the production. Citizens were invited to tell their personal stories, linked to the painting; more than 50 citizens participated in the production. This participatory approach of audience development was further extended in close collaboration with the partners in Amsterdam and Stuttgart. The objective of this partnership was to enhance transnational mobility (touring) and to reinforce a sense of sharing a common European space and culture, supported by substantially developed communication and dissemination strategy. The activities of the project inspired the younger generations, by reflecting on common values, histories and traditions we share(d).