Art Context TerritoryThe IN SITU ACT project is a tool for structuring artistic creation in public space across Europe. Art in public space is a developing discipline which mixes performance, visual and digital arts, creators and local people, artists and audience. It is an artform built around sharing, where involvement is part of the creative act; a contemporary, contextual artform for a broad audience; a European artform that is increasingly in demand on other continents. Ambition Creativity Transnationality IN SITU ACT has four objectives, based on a shared diagnosis that sees transnational mobility as a need and a strategic response during a period of major upheavals: *Promote artworks which operate with, in and for public spaces. *Test and implement a European model for integrated artistic support, involving artists, producers and the public in the creative process. *Develop an ecology of creation that connects artistic works with the economic, political and social realities in Europe. *Pool our skills and resources and bring together those who locally influence and drive change in public space. Several concrete actions are to be implemented: *A collaborative process for supporting artists, *Pilot projects, prototypes for shared creation between authors, organisers and public, *Training modules for young professionals, *Consultancy services for European cities and Capitals of Culture, *”Satellite” partners in non-European countries. *European think-tank bringing together key influencers in urban and territorial development. This is an ACT that will engage thousands of citizens in works presented to a million spectators.This is an ACT to develop a “cloud” model, a horizontal, participatory and sustainable network, drawing on the experience, durability and breadth of the existing partnership.