The Liveurope Platform is an initiative supporting venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists. The key objective of this Platform is to support live music venues in their efforts to foster cross-border circulation of emerging European music artists, through the development of a European quality labels. In this perspective, the Liveurope Platform aims to build a wider and more diverse audience for European music, and to fully unleash the potential of our continent’s immense artistic potential. With the development of an ambitious branding strategy, the Platform will establish the Liveurope label as a beacon of excellence in the field of live music in Europe. The Liveurope initiative is designed to help music artists developing their careers, to develop genuine enthusiasm among European music fans, and to become a true European success story. Liveurope also strives to raise awareness about European values and cultures among the general public, the media, and live music professionals. As such, the aim of this initiative is to contribute, through live music, to the development of a genuine European cultural sphere.