Opera Vision is the title of a new project for opera in Europe in the digital environment. Opera Vision will offer a free-view, online, richly diverse curated season of European opera in partnership with 30 opera houses from 19 countries. Opera Vision will have a specific emphasis on attracting and cultivating young, emerging audiences, celebrating Europe’s cultural heritage and developing opera for the future. Opera Vision will build on the successes of The Opera Platform (TOP), initiated in autumn 2014 and co-funded by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme. Opera Europa developed its first phase in partnership with the broadcaster ARTE and 15 contributing theatres selected from 12 European countries. TOP has built a reputation for the quality of its programming and gained a large international audience. In its current form and partnership, the platform goes offline in October 2017, and it is the ambition of Opera Vision to go live from then until the end of 2020.In the period 2018-2020, Opera Vision will offer a platform with enriched content drawn from a more diverse partnership; the number of theatre partners has doubled to 30, and 60% of partners are new. The content will be more varied (full-length and short-form), inclusive (musical theatre in many forms) and regular (an average of two live streams per month). Harnessing ever-evolving technology, Opera Vision will reach deeper into the lives of our citizens and promote European cultural values to the world.Opera Vision will:- Gather a wide inclusive partnership of European opera theatres – Offer full-length and short-form content which is varied and accessible – Engage young audiences in partnership with educational and training organisations – Celebrate the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage – Develop the medium by innovative use of cutting-edge technology – Broaden the platform’s reach through cross-sector collaboration- Build towards a sustainable model for the future beyond 2020.