In 1978, Ieva Lesinska was a university student in Soviet Latvia and dreamed of becoming a writer. She had just spent one intoxicating month in New York visiting her father, Imants Lesinskis, a Soviet translator employed by the UN. In the past, he worked for the KGB and was a member of the Communist Party. During his trip to the US, he learns from his father that he and his wife Rasma are about to run. He made her a totally open offer: to go immediately to the Soviet embassy and to denounce him as a traitor, or to stay with him and never see his mother and Latvia again. She decided to stay. This “new” family officially became East German immigrants with new identities: Peter and Linda Dorn and their daughter Evelyn. They were citizens from nowhere who held a re-entry permit but no passports. In 1985, Mr Lesinskis died under mysterious circumstances shortly after he published secret items concerning various KGB operations in Latvia. After his death, the CIA announced that Mr. Lesinskis “made a significant contribution to the US government and the Agency after his transfer.” However, the CIA refused to comment on the most mysterious part of the story Mr. Lesinskis told them in the 1980s – that he had served as a double agent for twenty years, working for the KGB at night, for the CIA at night. It is a story of a young woman tossed in the middle of espionage games, in which she had to choose one option, one that always separated her from her previous life. She is our main narrator and protagonist, and we will join her on the path she has taken to reveal the truth about her father and the Cold War investigation, in which she unwittingly played her part.