Project Phonopolis is a fresh take on collaboration between game and film industries. Interactive experience of the game is built upon studio work with physical handmade environments. Film visuals are achieved by composing video footage, real-time rendered 3D objects and post-production effects to produce final image. This should provide the look and feel of stop-motion animated pictures as produced in 60s and 70s.

The game takes us into utopic and totalitarian reality of the city Phonopolis. Moderna and early 20th century art movements with their all-encompassing revolutionary visions are sources of inspiration for the theme and the story. We are planning intensive visual research and conception phase to build a fascinating audio-visual experience of constructivism and futurism.

The gameplay is close to point & click adventure, but innovating classic genre in many ways. We have decided to build gameplay right around character interactions. Dynamic system of autonomous and emergent behaviour should provide an explorative puzzle mechanic. The player needs to observe patterns of behaviour of very distinctive characters in the scene and decide actions to influence flow of events.