REED delivered x4 live courses lasting 3 – 6 months with x6 educational establishments in partnering countries and a minimum of 20 students recruited for each course. Totalling in over 100 students overall. REED delivered x5 national exhibitions and x4 International exhibitions. Over 100 products were designed by students of which x25 were selected to go through to the international touring exhibition in each country. REED culminated in the setup of x1 social enterprise in the UK Rejuvenate UK CIC to continue the legacy of REED and a crowd funding campaign to setup East London Makerspace (ELM). REED’s ultimate success was the perfect feasibility study for an innovative new business model. It’s success was in proving that the innovative waste prevention scheme and new circular economy business model was feasible and replicable in any city or country over the world. It therefore has the potential to become a franchise and to continue the model and work. REED was the catalyst for Rejuvenate UK & ELM and the project therefore has a very real and lasting legacy.