The title of the project “Roots &  Roads” reflects its very essence. Roots because traditional oral stories represent peoples’ cultural identity and belonging to traditional heritage. Roads because stories since very old times have always travelled with storytellers , becoming a mean of connection and sharing of knowledge, values and traditions between different cultures.

Stories don’t mind physical or cultural borders. Traditional stories in different EU countries often have common roots: performing them in front of a contemporary audience and involving communities in working and understanding them will show that belonging to a common European space is a reality rooted in our very heritage.  The idea behind the project is that when people feel rooted and comfortable with their traditional heritage , they will also acquire a better understanding of different cultures and approach differences with an open mind.

The project will carry out several different activities both on large/national/international scale and on small/local scale, targeting audiences and participants of different age groups and backgrounds. Activities will include: Storytelling Festivals, performances, tours, artistic residences, interactive events where members of the audience are encouraged to share stories from their traditional heritage and dissemination workshops. During the Festivals the topic of European traditional heritage as a whole, in relationship with other cultures will also be explored, through partnerships with extra European Stortyelling organizations and the presence of artists from other cultures that have historically related with Europe and influenced their heritage such as the Middle East Culture and the Inso-european heritage. The topic of refugees and migration will also be touched on, using ancient stories as a metaphor to pass on values of integration and Europe’s ancient value of sacred hospitality.