Shared Cities: Creative Momentum is a Central European consortium of cultural actors whose interest intersects in sharing, circulating, and exchanging the best practices in self-initiated, participatory and transdisciplinary architecture and urbanism collaborations. Over the course of four years, the platform of eleven partners from six countries, active in architecture, urban design, art and culture, will develop a working framework connecting and circulating cultural, curatorial, research and hands-on activities into four conceptual program components: public Ideas Yards, hands-on Case Studies, in-depth Research and the Curatorial Lab. The project shall curate and communicate a rich program of more than 170 cultural activities using transnational festivals, interdisciplinary residencies, public discussions, participatory workshops, exhibitions, urban games, public walks, film screenings, installations and forums in each project country. The project will develop various outcomes: digital mapping of cultural actors, models for crowdsourcing public expertise in architectural competitions, hacking public furniture, various media (such as web platform, annual magazines, exhibitions etc). It aims to induce creativity and involvement of urban stakeholders in Central Europe and provide inspiration to other communities in Europe, as well as globally.