European archival heritage, has unexplored aspects that potentially contain new forms of communication, especially those related to the world of the arts (musical, theatrical and performing in general). Always more frequently, artists approach «unpublished» biographical and historical materials to create shows or performances. We will build the basis for the profile of a «new» professional figure starting from the decalogue of «not to do» when approaching documents like cultural heritage made up of testimonies of individual stories in their historical context and not yet artistic products. This professional should lead the way for those who approach these materials. A figure halfway between the archivist and the artist, with new skills that can create coherent links between the material collected in the archives and the creativity product of the artists. The overall objective is to pass on to future generations and to the sectors of the public that are difficult to reach, the cultural heritage preserved by organisations that work on conservation and enhancement self-stories (and, more generally, from documentary archives) through the progressive production and distribution of new original artistic products.