This project focuses on the interface of performing arts, health and development. Clowndoctors personify the social dimension of performing arts by turning the performance into a therapeutic and restorative experience and not merely a recreational moment. Through humour, interactive play and social/educational theatre, hospital clowning greatly improves the health care environment. Clowndoctors performances provide a much needed psychosocial support their audience, they help empowering vulnerable groups and fighting stereotypes against people with disabilities. “The Faces behind the Nose” project is centered in raising the profile of and deepening the understanding for the benefits of hospital clowning among the general public in Europe and beyond. Its focus on the training and exchange of artists and artistic approaches to hospital clowning promotes the circulation of performing artists and their works and allows for the internationalization of their careers. The project envisions the transfer of know-how and the implementation of new formats to reach new audiences (in other geographic areas and/or from different cultural and social groups). The goal is to promote the wellbeing of sick and hospitalized persons, allowing everyone to benefit from and participate in cultural initiatives.