Visegrad Animation Forum is an initiative of an association of animators from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. VAF focuses on supporting animation in Central and Eastern Europe, where the industry is not fully developed through co-production activities and networking. The aim of the project is to monitor and evaluate access to potential international co-producers who are less easily reachable for producers from weaker production countries, large market countries and festivals. VAF includes two primary activities: the organization of a three-day forum in the Czech Republic as part of the international film festival Anifilm (Třeboň). During this forum, animators of short films and TV productions will have the opportunity to present their work to major European broadcasters, producers and marketers. The second activity is the promotion of VAF projects in major European markets and festivals: Annecy / MIFA, Cartoon Forum, Stuttgart, Kraków Etiuda & Anima.