The 4 partners know each other well. Coming from different backgrounds (animation, spectacle, linguistic, teaching, audiovisual), have cooperated several times in projects regarding ethnographic collections and intangible cultural heritage values in mountain regions.The territories under research have been captured by different means and point of views, according to participatory collection method (interviews, recordings, emotional biographies).The asset implicitly represented is now expanding and it worth to gather it from direct contact and first hand on field research conducted with elder people. With the aim to revert Tramontana projects in a tool for maintaining knowledge, there is need to transform oral collection into tangible assets and spread them without distorting the original meanings or intentions of those aka “privileged witnesses”. The partners dealt with oral, living, uneven heritage, and intend to transform these collections into workshops, docufilms, youtube, radio-narratives, …, empowering Europeans and letting them transmit these memories on their own.The themes chosen to be spread are considered representative of human activities even in so-globalized societies: entertainment by dancing, work/labour, social commitment and cooperation, landscapes illustrated by pastoralism, the Virgin Mary cult and others. All these are crossed by the oral expression and language: the language of intimity, the language of community, the inside and outside languages (proxemia in an extended semiology as distance between the inner self and the outer social space). The project creates a feeling of open-mindedness while the innovating features of a provoked international awareness will guarantee this heritage to be greatly distributed through mobility practices and productions raised from previous works from former Tramontana I and II, and, likely, from those instances arising from the audiences.