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The Labours of Hercules

Published April 13, 2023

The painter Vojtěch Kovařík exhibits in Brussels at the Mendes Wood Gallery.

Kovařík will be taking over the entirety of the gallery’s two floors to delve into his passion for Greek mythology and tell the story of the Twelve Labours of Hercules.

The author thus continues a series of other exhibitions around the world. Recent solo exhibitions include Dusk of the Gods, Mendes Wood DM, New York (2022); Destinies of Stone Faces, Galerie Derouillon, Paris (2022); In the Thickets of Unexplored Places, Mendes Wood DM São Paulo (2021); Vojtech Kovarík, Mendes Wood DM at Villa Era, Vigliano Biellese (2020); Hidden Garden, Galerie Derouillon, Paris, France (2020). Recent group exhibitions include Ars22: Living Encounters, Kiasma (2022); and Baltic Triennial 14: The Endless Frontier, Contemporary Art Centre (2021).

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