The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague published monograph Prague Fashion Houses 1900–1948

Published September 12, 2022

Award-winning book depicts the development of the tailoring craft and the history of the most important Prague fashion houses.

The Czech-English publication introduces Prague fashion establishments, such as the salons of Hana Podolska, Oldřich Rosenbaum, Arnoštka Roubíčková or František Bárta, and presents the development of fashion design in the period 1900-1948. It depicts the transformation of craftsmanship into art, craftsmen into artists and merchants. It charts the fate of artists in the context of historical events, the transformation of styles and their contribution to the cultural history of Czech society.

Publisher Arbor Vitae together with UPM first published the book in 2011 and in the same year it won two prestigious awards:

The Most Beautiful Czech Book of 2011 – 3rd place in the category Scientific and Professional Literature

Museum Publication of the Year – 2nd place in the National Museum Competition Gloria musaealis 2011.