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The New Reality for Culture: Online Conference

Published November 16, 2020

The online conference Focal Point: The New Reality For Ciulture organised by The Arts and Theatre Institute and Creative Europe Desk CZ will take place on November 23rd online.

The pandemic that broke out at the beginning of this year has changed the world. We suddenly found ourselves in an unknown situation, which has put governments, institutions, communities and individuals to the test. This global experience has brought about a number of questions and become an opportunity to revise and undertake transformations. On all levels and in all fields, people have posed similar questions: what is the way forward, how do we work in the new reality, what approach should be adopted, and how to prepare and adapt to broader and long-term changes.

The international conference welcomes sociologists, philosophers, cultural professionals and artists, who will respond to the fundamental questions and confidently pose many others. The world will never be the same – and it might be a good opportunity to make some changes.

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